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About us

 Profile of the company's activities

   The Vitsyan company is a production and trading company that has been dynamically developing on the Russian medical market since 2002. The company is located in the city of Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan.

   We deal with the issues related to the development and production of products for medical purposes:

  • Rehabilitation equipment
  • Resources for orthopaedic
  • Products for patient care
  • Products for making the work of medical personnel more comfortable

   Our range of products for medical purposes are used in hospitals, polyclinics, infirmaries, rehabilitation centres, health centres, care homes and other health care institutions, as well as products for personal use. We take into account and thus adopt the approaches of our global partners, focusing on cutting-edge achievements and technology. We can proudly say that the products made by our enterprise are in demand throughout the Russian Federation as well as abroad.

   Our work has been repeatedly acknowledged with various awards. Products from Vitsyan are comparable with the best global brands and we thus contribute to enhancing the prestige of the domestic brand 

(see the link, patents, certificates, 

attestations from exhibitions,

Laureate Award winner  of "Gemma 2012").


Aim of the company

   We create comfort and convenience for people with disabilities and medical patients, we help medical staff improve working conditions and ensure the safety of their work through innovative technology. It's not just business. It's our calling in life (see the link, letters of appreciation).


The strengths of the company include:

1. A close focus on our clients (see the link, letters of appreciation from individuals).

2. A solid, stable team of professionals (see the link, educational training, higher qualification training).

3. Conventional production universality in terms of offering a wide range of sizes and functionality across our goods (see the link, product catalogue).

4.  Individual approach to every client (see the link, photos of individually manufactured products).

5.  All products meet the safety requirements and are registered as medical products (see the link, registration certificates).

6.  Collaboration with Vitsyan is one of the most important intangible resource focuses to address the problem of hospital infection (see the link, test protocols), Characteristics of fabrics.

7. Creating a range of brand-new products for rehabilitation, designed  taking into account the physiological needs of the disabled and  people with reduced capabilities (see the link, photographs of a special hand device),

8. Vitsyan Company has been a member of  Bashkortostan Republic Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2013.


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